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The advantage of technology-neutral 3D printing consulting

A customer who wants to order a 3D printed component is primarily not interested in the production method, but in the result: the component itself. It should meet the qualitative and functional requirements. In addition, the price and delivery time should meet the expectations. That's why technology-neutral customer service in 3D printing is a great advantage. How does this work? Read for yourself.


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Always the latest additive manufacturing technology available?

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If you've read up on 3D printing, or own your own printers, you know the dilemma: it's simply not possible to provide all the technologies. The industrial 3D printers for professionals cost hundreds of thousands of euros -. In addition, technology is evolving rapidly. Newer, more efficientprinter models are appearing on the market. Even more precise details can be printed, the components have a higher quality or are cheaper to produce. If the company is not a large industrial enterprise - you have to decide for one or a few technologies.

But what do you do if the customer wants a component that cannot be optimally produced on your 3D printer? A compromise solution is sometimes possible, but suboptimal in the medium term. Because at the latest when your customer notices this, he will place some orders with another service provider. In this respect, your only options are to have the parts produced externally or to lose the customer.

These are exactly the reasons why Jellypipe was created. With a network of dozens of print partners in Europe, we can always offer the latest technology and the right material. We are proud to report that we offer the largest 3D printing range in Europe. And everything is produced in Europe. Since you can find 14 technologies and over 100 materials on one platform, you also don't have to go through the hassle of searching for a service provider for each new individual case.

What's more, Jellypipe provides you with an e-shop with a state-of-the-art configurator, where your customers can order parts themselves. Instant price and delivery time calculation and many special functions included.

Why is technology-neutral consulting so important in 3D printing?

3D-Druck Bauteil Material PA11 und Material PA12

Example series printing and prices, SLS PA12 and SAF PA11:

With the polyamide PA12, not only individual parts but also medium and larger series can be printed in an SLS 3D printer without any problems. The result is comparable to the PA11 from the SAF. (Or with the soon to be available PA12). But the price is strikingly different: for small quantities, the SLS printer has the advantage. For series production, SAF is up to 30% cheaper, depending on the characteristics of the parts and the desired quantity(Blog on PA12 vs PA11). With the wide range of technologies, you have the possibility to offer your customer the most suitable technology for each individual project.

Jellypipe Metall 3D-Druck Bauteil Ultrafuse 17-4 PH

Example metal 3D printing:

Depending on the quantity needed or technical requirements that the parts must meet, a different metal 3D printing technology is more advantageous. The technologies SLM, FDM or Binder Jetting (available soon) differ in terms of technical possibilities, prices etc.

Illustrationsbild Paketlieferung 3D-Druck

Example delivery dates:

There are components that could be produced with different technology/material combinations to meet the intended use. But the production time and therefore the possible delivery date differ.

PS: In Jellypipe e-shop, prices and delivery times are displayed immediately when you upload a file. Best of all, you can seamlessly integrate your own printer in your e-shop as well.

Important to know: Jellypipe will not compete with you. We work with an indirect sales model and do not serve customers directly, but rely on a long-term and trustful partnership.

Enough reasons to offer other technologies besides our own printer. Don't you think so?

Doesn't the wider range of products compete with your own printer? And what about the ROI?

"That's all well and good," you may now be thinking, "but I don't want to neglect my own printer." This fear is unfounded. At Jellypipe, the e-shop is so sophisticated that you can include and prioritize your own printer.

Price and delivery time calculations on the platform are based on extensive, carefully calculated formulas. These have proven themselves in practice. The formulas allow you to give preference to your own printer in any e-shop, including yours: For example, if you have an SLS printer and work with the PA12 material, your e-shop can be configured accordingly. As soon as your customer uploads a file on your e-shop and selects the technology SLS with PA12, the prices/delivery times defined by you are displayed. If the customer orders the components, the order will automatically reach you. If you have minimum order quantities, or a restriction of maximum quantities, this can also be regulated accordingly. Of course, individual margins are also included in your formula, according to your needs.

3D-Druck-Plattform Jellypipe Formel E-Shop

If the customer selects an additive manufacturing technology in your e-shop that you do not offer, the order is automatically sent to a print partner from the network. The parts are produced and shipped directly to the address selected by the customer. There is no effort on your part - and the customer enjoys all the benefits.

If you wish, a white-label solution is available. With the white-label store, you get an e-shop where Jellypipe is no longer visible. Moreover, you send all invoices from your company directly to your customers. Thus, the shopping experience is coherent for your customers.

What about the quality of the 3d printed parts?

Every manufacturing company is rightly proud of its own products. Quality is enormously important in order to keep returning customers. For Jellypipe, too, the quality of additively manufactured components is crucial. For this reason, print partners in the Jellypipe network are carefully selected. Extensive clarifications are carried out before new print partners are accepted into the network. Markus Grimm - Jellypipe's Chief Virtual Printfactory - and his team of engineers examine the company applying to become a print partner. In addition to processes and workflows, produced components are also scrutinized. The quality of the 3D printed parts is carefully checked.

Jellypipe Chief Virtual Printfactory im Gespr├Ąch

If a print partner is accepted into the network, it is regularly audited by Jellypipe. In addition, standardized processes are specified for order processing. Random samples of produced parts are checked regularly. This ensures that the quality is right. (Read the detailed interview with Markus Grimm here: Quality at Printfactory)

And what about design know-how and the like?

As a professional, you know that every additive manufacturing technology has its own peculiarities. This must be taken into account when designing components. To ensure that you also understand the technologies in detail that you do not have in-house, the support of our Printfactory is available to you. On the one hand, technical information is regularly offered in the form of online technology sessions. And on the other hand, we are always available to answer your questions. It couldn't be simpler...



Open questions?

We're sure you still have many questions until you too can take advantage of technology-neutral customer consulting in additive manufacturing. Do not hesitate and contact us. We would be happy to tell you more about Jellypipe and your advantages with the Solution Partner model "Expert Store plus" in a non-binding conversation.


Dominik Estermann
Chief Executive Officer

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