The Jellypipe network for 3d printing

Become a Solution Partner or a Print Partner

3D-Druck Bauteil im Fokus

Jellypipe connects businesses with different requirements around 3d printing. A secure, fast and easy-to-use e-commerce platform for selling additively manufacutred parts: the Jellypipe platform. Furthermore a team of engineers supports partner in the network. Additionally processes such as logistics and billing are also handled by Jellypipe. 

Solution Partners expand their business field or product range to include additive manufacturing. Their own shop is set up quickly and will be integrated on the Jellypipe platform. As a result, Solution Partners could provide to their customers a large selection of materials and technologies for additively manufactured parts. In addition the partners build up knowledge regarding to 3d printing, without having to invest in own printers.

Print Partners produce 3d printed parts that are ordered via the platform. The Print Partners are supported in the "virtual printfactory" with the Jellypipe engineering team.

    Expand your business or your assortment

    Solution Partner

    Ingenieure diskutieren 3D gedruckten Prototypen

    Solution Partners get their own shop where their customers can order 3d printed parts. Additonally, Solution Partners support their customers on all aspects of 3d printing such as dsign of printed parts and procurement.

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    Print parts for Jellypipe customers

    Print Partner

    Stereolithography SLA 3D print process

    Print Partner print 3d parts, that are orderd on the Solution Partner stores. Print Partner are part of Jellypipes "virtual printfactory".

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