Polyamide PA 12 plastic 3d printing material, technology SLS

Polyamide (PA) 12 is an engineering plastic that stands out above all for its good mechanical properties.

3D Druck Material - PA12 Technologie SLS - Jellypipe



  • Density [g/cm3] 0.95
  • Tensile strength [MPa] 48
  • E-modul [Gpa] 1.65
  • Flexural strength [MPa] 41
  • Flexural modulus [Gpa] 1.5
  • Impact resistance (Izod notched) [J/m] 4.4
  • Heat deflection temp @1.81MPA [°C] 86
  • Heat deflection temp @ 0.45MPA [°C] 180 (ASTM D648)
  • Elongation at break [%] 20
  • Shore Hardness 75D


  • High strength & stability
  • Flexible Protoypes
  • Minimum wall thickness
  • Good resolution and detail
  • High variety of variants
  • Versatile after-treatments
  • No support material (support necessary)

Polyamid (PA) 12 is an engineering plastic which is particularly striking because of its good mechanical properties. At the same time, PA 12 offers high strength and toughness as well as excellent sliding and wear behaviour. These properties make this plastic a particularly good material for robust components.