Stable, precise 3D printed architectural models of buildings, superstructures and much more.

3D printing for architects

[Translate to English:] Architekten besprechen ein 3d gedrucktes Modell

Visualise projects and create an architectural model. An important task in order to inspire all stakeholders for a project or to win an architectural competition. You too can use models from the 3D printer without having to worry about purchasing a printer or its complex handling yourself. With the professional technologies available at Jellypipe, you can more easily achieve the desired result.

Advantages of a 3D printed architectural model:

  • True to scale, precise object for customers to touch
  • Short production time, delivery within a few days
  • Lightweight, stable models
  • Easy to change: correct and reprint

Create 3D print file yourself

3d printed architectural model of a small village

You can also produce the printable file yourself in order to commission further models independently in the future. There are a few things to keep in mind during this process:

  • The model must consist of solids, not surfaces
  • Minimum wall thicknesses must be adhered to, see blog post
  • The volumes must be "watertight" and connected, see: Construct 3D print file
  • The topology data of the terrain must be included in the model
  • The model should be "hollow" on the inside, so that material is saved (more cost-effective)

If you are unsure whether the file is printable, ask for advice!

Order model in the shop

3d printed architectural model - sls pa12

Once you have a printable file, you can order it directly from one of the Jellypipe partners via the platform as follows:

  • Register
  • Upload file
  • Select technology SLS, material PA12 and delivery time/price
  • Order

If you are not quite sure:

From plan to 3d printed architectural model

Do you need advice on 3D printing?

You don't know how to create a 3D print file from the plans of a superstructure and data with elevation curves? Jellypipe's partner companies will be happy to help you.