Additive production for components, assemblies, series production and prototypes

3D printing for mechanical engineering

For the production of components and assemblies for machine and plant construction, 3D printing now offers many advantages when the potential of additive manufacturing is utilised. In addition, a large selection of materials  is available at Jellypipe, so that a wide range of applications can be covered. As a mechanical engineer, take advantage of additive manufacturing and benefit from the great design freedom that allows you to obtain almost optimal components. And all this within a very short time and at top prices.

Design freedom, consistent quality and more...

Verkaufsgespräch 3D-Druck Bauteile
  • Components that do not function optimally because conventional production methods restrict the design?
  • Components where the functionality is not optimal?
  • Components that have a geometry that is too complex?
  • Components that have to be produced and delivered in the shortest possible time?
  • Series components that have to be delivered in consistent quality?



The benefits of additive manufacturing

Jellypipe Sales Beratung Kevin
  • Kürzere Produktionsdauer (Reduktion von Vorlaufzeiten)
  • Grosse Flexibilität bei Änderungen
  • Günstigerer Preis (keine Werkzeugkosten, Reduktion von Material)
  • Grosse Designfreiheit für stark optimierte Bauteile
  • Flexible Losgrössen bestellbar, vom Einzelteil bis zur Serienfertigung

Advice on 3d printing required?

Do you still have questions about the engineering of the component and the creation of a suitable 3D print file? Are you unsure which material is suitable for your 3D printing project? Or which additive manufacturing technology is suitable to produce an optimal component? We are happy to help you. Contact one of our partners in your neighbourhood: