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The time-consuming search for the best 3D printing service providers has come to an end!

Do you know the situation? You have finally decided to get started with 3D printing and have identified a project in your company. You know exactly what you want and now the search begins: there are countless companies that could additively manufacture your component. But which one to choose? The manufacturer with the cheaper process? Or is the more expensive option the better one? And you are not quite sure whether you have chosen the most suitable manufacturing process?

Finding manufacturers who deliver high-quality parts in consistent quality for industry and mechanical engineering is costly anyway. It is even more difficult with technologies such as 3D printing, which are changing and developing rapidly. How can quality be assured? And what if the chosen service provider has no capacity for your project?

If you are facing these challenges, you should try Jellypipe. We will take care of these tasks for you! Find out why the 3D printing service offers many advantages here:

No effort for service provider search, suitable capacities at any time

The Jellypipe 3D printing service offers the right manufacturer for every technology. With more than 40 print partners, the most suitable technology and material for your project is bound to be available. Capacities are also secured in such a way that several print partners are available for each material/technology combination. Short-term printer failures are therefore no problem. In addition, depending on your requirements, you receive your component either from the producer who can produce more cheaply or from the one who delivers faster.

Your main advantage? There is no need for time-consuming research, phoning around, clarifying, obtaining and comparing offers, etc. - which saves you time and nerves.

Do you have concerns about the quality of the 3d printed parts?

3D-Druck Printfactory und Support

You don't need to have them! Jellypipe is not a platform where a print partner can just register and print for the entire network. Rather, Jellypipe's print partners are carefully vetted: the process for joining the network is rigorous and elaborate. Potential partners must first deliver 3D-printed components for testing. And the workflows and processes are also closely monitored. Only if everything fits can a manufacturer print for the Jellypipe network.


Careful selection and regular monitoring of print partners ensure quality

In the further course, the additively manufactured components are regularly checked, i.e. components from real customer orders are tested.

Jellypipe's engineering team is in daily contact with print partners, knows all parties well and also conducts regular audits. This is how we ensure the high quality you need for applications in industry.

Read more about the quality of 3D printed parts at Jellypipe in our in-depth interview with Markus Grimm, Chief Virtual Printfactory of Jellypipe: Read Interview

Photo: Markus and Lukas from the Jellypipe engineering team, Sarah from logistics.

Technology-neutral consulting in additive manufacturing

Another advantage for you: our solution partners, who advise you on all aspects of 3D printing, have access to a wide range of additive manufacturing technologies. This means they can offer you the right technology for each project. Since the printer is not in-house, there is no risk of simply choosing the existing technology. The consulting is technology-neutral, exactly according to the respective project.

Fair and reasonable prices for your 3D printing project

Jellypipe-3D-Druck-Store Preis/Lieferzeit-Stufen

After uploading 3D print files, Jellypipe immediately shows you the prices and the corresponding delivery times. This way, you can be sure that you will receive the most favorable offer. Time-consuming price comparisons are eliminated, as are inquiries with numerous suppliers that can only be compared afterwards. One of the prerequisites for being accepted into our network as a print partner are marketable prices. If you find any discrepancies here, please feel free to contact Jellypipe support. However, it is also important to us that our print partners can work economically. That is why they can deposit their own price formulas with Jellypipe. In this way, our partners themselves determine the amount for which they can process an order economically.

You can view price/delivery times at any time in one of our stores: Choose store now and register without obligation

Simple and secure handling of print jobs

Jellypipe 3D-Druckservice: Bauteil im Konfigurator

With the configurator for uploading finished 3D print files, Jellypipe offers you an easy way to order additively manufactured components. The uploaded files are not sent around via email, but transferred via online platform directly and exclusively to the partner who will implement the print. This way, only the people who really need it will have access to your data, and you can always get an even more specific non-disclosure agreement if your project requires it. Just ask us!

For more complex or elaborate projects, we also offer the "individual inquiry" option, which allows us to handle your project as you wish and answer all your questions. This ensures the necessary flexibility at all times despite the e-commerce model.

Try it out: Register now on Store and try out indivieuelle Anfrage.

3D-Druck-Plattform Jellypipe Formel E-Shop

The servers running the Jellypipe platform are located in Germany. In addition, the security of the platform is carefully monitored by our CTO Cris.

Photo: CTO and Co-Founder Cris talking to Lukas from the engineering team about the further development of the platform.

Do you have any questions?

Jellypipe Sales Beratung Theresa

Contact one of our solution partners if you have any questions. The partners of the Jellypipe 3D printing service are at your site and will be happy to advise you. Competent and uncomplicated. You can also register directly on one of the stores and test the service yourself: To the partner stores

We are looking forward to your project.

Your Jellypipe Team

Are you a 3D printing service provider? Integrate Jellypipe into your offering

Jellypipe sells parts to customers exclusively via Solution Partners. The Solution Partner model includes an e-shop personalized for your company, where your customers can purchase 3D printed parts. The big advantage? You don't need your own 3D printers, or you can supplement the existing ones with the largest 3D printing assortment in Europe. How to do it? Read more here:

The video explains the different roles within Jellypipes ecosystem

3d printing at Jellypipe


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