Become a "Solution Partner"

Offer 3D printing to your customers

By utilising additive manufacturing, you can expand your current business field to include 3d printing  and equip your business for the future.  Achieve new competences and  develop your current understanding of 3D printing in order to better support your customers.

How does it work? It's simple: You get a shop on the Jellypipe platform and offer your customers the opportunity to buy 3D printed products and components. Furthermore you support your customers in design and procurement. The big advantage with Jellypipe: You get into 3d printing without expensive purchases! You don't need 3d printers (if you do not want to buy some), but use Jellypipes print factory. The factory will be tested for quality and audited on a regular basis.

If you already own a printer, all the better: you will integrate it into your store for your customers and expand your range with additive manufacturing technologies from the Jellypipe ecosystem. With this solution, you will get the ability to give technology-neutral advice to your customers and get more orders.

Are you not shure why you should become a Solution Partner instead of buying an own printer? Read our blog article regarding this topic: here

You expand your business field as a "Solution Partner"

In order for your customers to benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing, you take an active role:

  • You promote 3D printing to your clientele
  • You advise your customers on the design and procurement of 3D printed components

If you do not yet have sufficient expertise in 3D printing, we will guide you through the process with personal advice, tips, information, video courses, training and much more.

Platform and processes work like this

Laptop office Jellypipe store

You receive a personalised e-shop for your company:

  • Your customers order directly in your e-shop in the Jellypipe Printfactory
  • Your customers get access to over 100 3d printing materials and 13 technologies
  • Your customers receive a quote (price and delivery time) within 30 seconds  of uploading a 3d print file
  • Your customers receive the ordered components delivered to the address of their choice
  • Jellypipe undertakes all handling on your behalf

Easy access to start with 3d printing or expanse your range

We offer you:

  • Comprehensive advice for getting started with 3d printing
  • Support from the Jellypipe engineering team if you have any questions about additive manufacturing and the use of the platform.
  • Free training and courses on additive manufacturing
  • Support for marketing and sales activities in 3D printing with extensive support
Further Information

Your advantages with Jellypipe

Strategic advantage

You make yourself fit for the future, use the latest technologies, expand your range to include 3D printing and acquire up-to-date expertise.

Wide choice

You have no less than 13 technologies and over 100 materials at your disposal, with the added advantage that the range is constantly being expanded

High, consistent quality

The print partners are carefully selected and regularly checked to ensure consistent quality.

Professional platform

The platform is secure, enables the calculation of prices and delivery times in real time - only 30 seconds to quote and order. Subsequent processes such as order processing, logistics and billing run automatically.

Complex projects

You are able to send requests for complex projects directly to our engineers and we will support you and your customers in a highly professional manner.

Extensive support

If you have technical questions about 3d printing, you will receive answers from the Jellypipe engineering team. Quick and uncomplicated.

Additional services

As a Solution Partner, you receive free technical videos, tips, advice, marketing documents and much more enabling an easy entry into the world of 3D printing.


If required, the Jellypipe platform can be integrated into your ERP and accounting system through standardised interfaces.

Answers to frequently asked questions

The Jellypipe 3d printing service platform is personalised for your company and added to your website as a link. Your customers can register, upload 3d print files, check prices and order components. With this direct order, everything runs fully automatically, the data is subjected to a check and sent directly to the Printfactory. The customer receives an order confirmation and information about the delivery.

The printed components are sent directly from the printfactory to the delivery address requested by the customer. Payment is made by credit card or invoice - in case of payment on invoice, you specify the credit limit.

For projects with more complexity, there is also the "individual request", which allows it to add more information, ask questions etc. In addition, there is a functionality for guaranteed prices, if needed.

As a 3D printing customer, you order components for your own company. As a partner company - "Solution Partner" - you offer your customers an online shop where they can order components. In this shop you can purchase components for yourself if needed too. Furthermore, you advise your customers on all aspects of additive manufacturing. You expand your range of products and your business field.

If you have your own 3d printers and want to make them available in the network, read on here: Become a print partner.

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You will find more information regarding this topic in our blog article here:

More Infos

Yes, there is the subscription type "Expert Store plus". With this subscription, you sell 3D printed components from other print partners and furthermore offer components printed at your printer to your customers as well. To find out more about partner models and subscription types, please contact our sales team.

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If your customers ask technical questions, you will support them as a Solution Partner. If required, you get advice from the Jellypipe engineering team, which coordinates the virtual print factory and competently answers technical questions.

When you offer 3D printed components to your customers, you want to guarantee the quality. At Jellypipe, all print partners are carefully selected and regularly audited. A Jellypipe internal team of engineers oversees the virtual print factory and is in daily contact with the print partners.

You pay a monthly fee for using the platform. Additionally a small fee per order is charged for processing and handling the orders. These fees gives you acces to the smart Jellypipe platform.

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