Exploiting the potential of additive manufacturing: with optimal engineering

Design of 3D printed parts

Additive manufacturing offers several advantages if the potential is optimally exploited. Most importantly, the design and engineering of 3D printed parts must take advantage of additive manufacturing technology. Simply manufacturing a conventional part 1:1 additively rarely yields benefits (unless it's for spare parts that are no longer available or when there are supply issues).

Learn everything about design and construction of components in the following articles. If you need advice, our local partners will help you with all technical details: get advice.

Illustration start with 3d printing sucessfully

Guide for the start

All the basics you need to know

3d printer prints lattice structures

Lattice Structures

Design of lightweight components

Jellypipe Bauteil Topologie-Optimierung

Topology optimization

How to take advantage of 3D printing

Metall Bauteil aus der additiven Fertigung SLM

Minimum wall thicknesses

Basic requirements for any construction

Ausmessen der Genauigkeit eines 3D-Druck Bauteils

Tolerance values

How precise is 3D printing

3D-Druck Materialien mit sehr hoher Oberflächengüte

High surface quality

Which combination of technology/material is suitable for what?

3D-Druck Serienfertigung xABS PA12-MJF PA11-SAF

Series components

10'000 pieces and more?
No problem for 3D printing!

3D-Druck Bauteil SLM Metall mit Stützstrukturen

Design for SLM
metal components

The guidelines in detail

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