Utilising 3D printers without customer acquisition

3D Print Partner in the Jellypipe Network

As a Jellypipe print partner, you can detail your 3D printing capabilities on the platform allowing you to receive printing orders from the network. We take care of customer acquisition, you concentrate on production and your printers are better utilised. The ordering processes run automatically via the platform, shipping and logistics are handled by Jellypipe. 

Jellypipe Print-Partner

Your benefits

Concentrate on production

We take care of customer acquisition and customer consulting, you receive orders.

Automatic price formulas

Quotations are generated automatically, utilisation and margin are optimised.

Standardised order placement

Data is subjected to a basic check when uploaded to the platform

Collection of the delivery

The ordered components are collected from you by our logistics partner, you do not have to worry about shipping and customs clearance.

Process optimisation

Standardised processes reduce effort.

What conditions must a Print Partner fulfil?

Jellypipe supplies high quality 3D printed parts, the print partners have to fulfil defined conditions:

  • High flexibility
  • Production of high-quality print products with consistent quality
  • Willingness to work closely with Jellypipe: adherence to defined and standardised processes such as careful inspection of components after printing, processing of orders via the platform, etc.
  • Tolerance in relation to price formulas
  • Use digital communication: on the platform, communication takes place via messenger, meetings mostly take place online, etc.

The Print Partners are in regular contact with the Jellypipe engineering team.

How does the process work on the platform?

To order, customers upload their 3D print file and the platform automatically calculates prices and delivery times based on the formulas you have stored. The customer can choose whether they prefer the cheaper price or the shorter delivery time. The orders are automatically allocated depending on what the customer selects. There is also an "individual request" function for projects that need clarification. If you can carry out these projects, you put an offer on the platform and the customer can order the components.

The number of print partners is matched to the number of orders. If, in addition to quality, the price and delivery time are right, you will receive orders.

3D printing needs advice, who does this?

Jellypipe works with partner companies, so-called "Solution Partners" from various industries. These companies offer 3D printing to their customers and also advise them on questions.  An engineering team is available at Jellypipe to support the partner companies. The standardised processes on the platform and the support organisation ensure that the orders reach you in a structured manner.

Questions? Call me.

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Prasanna Rajaratnam
Chief Printfactory
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