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Platforms on the Internet are marketplaces where customers find and order manufacturers. Often, the quality of delivered products is evaluated with ratings from customers. This enables a free market, but also has the disadvantage that the first customers have to gain experience with the quality of the products so that the next ones can benefit. How does this actually work at Jellypipe? We would like to explain this in more detail.


When it comes to quality, we make no compromises at Jellypipe 3D printing service. Jellypipe is a platform, but it works a little differently in the area of quality. I.e. we do not print ourselves, but with professional print partners carefully selected by us. To make this work, we have suitable structures and standardized processes.

The first thing to mention is the Jellypipe team led by Markus Grimm, Chief Virtual Printfactory. The mechanical engineers and 3D printing professionals work only for the Printfactory and ensure quality. Standard requests ordered from Jellypipe via the online calculator go to selected, audited print partners. And for the so-called "individual inquiries", i.e. projects of a more complex scope, the Printfactory team checks each individual order, ensures that the requirements are transmitted correctly and that the order is printed in the desired quality. In addition, the team is in daily contact with the print partners and they are carefully audited on a regular basis.

To give you, dear reader, a more detailed insight, we have asked Markus Grimm several questions on the subject:

Interview with Chief Virtual Printfactory, Markus Grimm

Jellypipe Chief Virtual Printfactory im Gespr├Ąch

How does the process work for accepting a new 3D print partner?

MGri: When we add a new print partner to Jellypipe, we carefully vet the company. Several meetings are held with the interested parties. The company prints different parts in the quality that will be provided on the platform and we review them. In addition, the company must also be willing to perform the required quality control on each individual order before the order is delivered. Only when all these requirements are met can a new company be accepted as a Jellypipe Print Partner. Before this partner produces for Jellypipe, the pricing formulas for automatic calculation in the store are then determined together and the admission process is completed.

Photo: In conversation with Markus Grimm, Chief Virtual Printfactory of Jellypipe.

Is it possible, that amateurs print for Jellypipe?

MGri: Due to our intake process, this is clearly not possible. When carefully examining the company, we would immediately notice if someone is too inexperienced, or they cannot deliver the consistent quality we need in 3D printing.


How do you ensure that the quality of additively manufactured parts is consistent?

MGri: On the one hand, we are in daily contact with the print partners and, on the other hand, with customers and the solution partners (who advise the customers). In the case of complex orders, we are already involved before printing and can intervene accordingly if necessary. In addition, we receive continuous feedback on delivered jobs and know very well what quality a print partner delivers.

We also carry out audits at regular intervals according to predefined criteria. Jellypipe has a ranking in the area of quality and checks all relevant topics with the print partners. If a print partner has poor values, measures are implemented immediately to improve and guarantee quality. If a print partner cannot deliver consistent quality or has other problems, it is excluded from production.



Why can't you rate your print partners?

MGri: It is important for Jellypipe to offer only high quality 3D printed parts. That's why we don't have a separate print partner ranking, where customers can rate it. We guarantee the quality and take corrective action if something still doesn't fit.

3D-Druck Bauteil Material PA11 und Material PA12

What do you do if a print partner still doesn't deliver the required quality?

MGri: If something still doesn't fit, we check on a case-by-case basis what can be done. Parts may have to be reworked or reprinted. We will find a suitable solution; the satisfaction of our customers is our highest goal. If a print partner repeatedly delivers poor quality, we have to exclude him. However, this has not happened so far.

Photo: 3D printed components from the Jellypipe Printfactory

How do you communicate in this constellation?

MGri: People who are not yet familiar with the Jellypipe system often ask how the communication between the parties involved, i.e. the customer, the solution partner, Jellyipe and the print partner, works. In practice, it is easier than we think. My team and I are in very close contact with the print partners and this enables a good exchange. When details of very complex jobs are discussed, we sometimes also attend customer meetings with our solution partners, or bring a print partner into the conversation. In this way, we are also able to cover unusual requirements.


Many thanks to Markus Grimm for the interview.

If you, dear reader, have any further questions about Printfactory and quality, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Your Jellypipe Team.


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