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Jellypipe and the 3d printing network

Jellypipe 3D-Druckservice Team-Foto

Picture from left to right: Theresa Kiunke, Dominik Estermann, Lukas Granzotto, Yvonne Gredig, Cris Camenisch, Kevin Wernlli, Georges Benz

Jellypipe was founded in Switzerland in 2017. The company connects businesses in 3D printing. The inhouse developed e-commerce platform brings customers, industry and print partner together and allows digitalized offer and order processes. In addition, Jellypipe support procurement and design of additive manufactured components. The platform and the Jellypipe service are now offered in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France, Benelux and England.

More than 90 so-called “Solution Partners” offer their customers their own shop on the Jellypipe platform, to order 3d printed parts. Partners expand their business field or enlarge their existing product range. They support their customers regarding to design and procurement of 3D printed parts.

Jellypipes print partners produce the 3d printed parts. Jellypipe selects these companies carefully and ensures, that a wide range of materials and technologies are offered on the platform. In addition, Jellypipe regularly audits these print factories to ensure high quality.

The Jellypipe support team with mechanical engineers supports partners on all aspects of 3D printing procurement and design. Logistic and invoicing processes are provided by Jellypipe, which simplifies the cooperation for all partners involved.


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Already a big step ahead

Our dream

Jellypipe 3D Druck Pattform Logo

We build the largest 3D print factory in the world
without own printers

We build the best sales organisation for 3d printables in the world
in your region, through our Solution Partners

We build a unique market place connecting print factories and Solution Partners
enabled by a smart software

We build a world class marketing engine
based on leading edge digital marketing technologies and practices

Jellypipe Ecosystem graphic
The whole world of 3D printing connected on one platform

The Jellypipe Ecosystem



The video explains the different roles within Jellypipes ecosystem

3d printing at Jellypipe

Members of the Board

Georges Benz
Chairman, CFO & Co-Founder
Markus Gröninger
Vice-Chairman & Co-Founder
John Zahm
Member of the Board & Co-Founder
Daniel Lienammer
Member of the Board
Dr. Marcel Dietrich
Member of the Board
About Jellypipe


Dominik Estermann
Chief Executive Officer
+41 79 633 84 04
Cris Camenisch
Chief Technology Officer / Co-Founder
Yvonne Gredig
Chief Marketing Officer
+41 79 638 38 65
Markus Grimm
Chief Virtual Printfactory
+41 76 791 00 74

Sales International

Theresa Kiunke
Sales & Key Account Manager Deutschland & Österreich
+49 174 3064572
Kevin Wernli
Sales & Key Account Manager Schweiz
+41 76 330 74 76
Ghislain Gauthier
Sales Manager France & Belgium
+33 646 64 79 99