Additive manufacturing process for plastics

Selective Absorption Fusion (SAF)

Additive manufacturing process for plastics

Installation space

315 x 208 x 293 mm


  • Series productions
  • Spare parts production
  • End user parts


  • For plastic components with very high longevity and availability (reduction of downtimes).
  • For series production of components (more economical than other additive processes)

With SAF technology, an infraredsensitive High Absorbtion Fluid (HAF) is applied to the material powder which is then fused to the component with print heads. This works in detail as follows:

The powder of the corresponding material is distributed very evenly over the entire print bed with the BigWaveTM powder management system for each new print layer. Piezo-electric print heads are then used to apply the infraredsensitive HAF specifically to the powder  and the powder is later fused to form the component. Finally, this layer is exposed to infrared radiation, which causes the area where the HAF was applied to melt and bond. These three steps are repeated layer by layer until the entire component is printed.

These highly precisely distributed layers of powder prevent local overheating of the material. This ensures homogeneous material properties and high dimensional stability of the components.  The BigWaveTM system ensures that excess powder is directly recycled.  This minimises the thermal load on the powder (optimised powder aging) and requires less powder overall. The former has a positive influence on the mechanical component properties and the latter reduces the operating costs of the additive manufacturing process.