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3D printed spare part for a classic car

A rubber seal used in the steering gear of a vintage car was damaged. The company Hug Technik und Sicherheit GmbH was therefore asked by the customer whether the component could be produced anew. A classic case for additive manufacturing.

Original Oldtimer Gummidichtung

With several photos of the defective rubber seal and the corresponding dimensional data, an exact 3D print file could be reconstructed using reverse engineering. After that, the component was manufactured from an elastomer material with the appropriate shore hardness. The hybrid technology vacuum casting was used for manufacturing these spare parts. Since the rubber seal was also needed for other classic cars of the same brand, the customer ordered several of them at once.

Image: the defective rubber seal

3D-Druck Oldtimer Ersatzteil Gummidichtung

The pictures show that this process, which combines 3D printing and injection molding, can produce exact replicas of the original component. The new seal was installed in the tie rod in the vintage transmission and the Opel is once again ready to drive.

Image: the spare parts

3D-Druck Oldtimer Gummidichtung Original und Ersatzteil

The company Hug Technik und Sicherheit GmbH is a Solution Partner of Jellypipe and offers among other things 3D printing:

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