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Original parts that are no longer available are no issue anymore

3D printed spare parts: do you repair?

Surely you know this: You wanted to repair a broken machine, device or vehicle, but the right spare part was not available. How did you solve the problem?

It is well known that the service life of equipment and machines has a major impact on our consumption of resources. When something is mended, and thus usable for longer, resources are conserved. But spare parts cannot be stored endlessly in any quantity. That would be neither economical nor sensible.

With 3D printing, an important technology is available today to make spare parts available at any time. Unnecessary production in stock, and thus waste, is avoided and costs are reduced. Surprisingly, however, this possibility is still only partially used.

Why? Automakers like BMW have been using 3D printing specifically for years. The Daimler Group, for example, announces in its latest media releases that spare parts for its trucks will be manufactured additively in the future. But in smaller companies, the reality is often different. Although the hurdles for spare parts from 3D printing are no longer present today:


Is the 3D print file missing?

This can be easily re-engineered depending on the shape and form of a spare part. Example: a housing cover for a machine can be reconstructed within a very short time if information such as plug connections, size of recesses and the like are precisely defined. Measuring is sufficient. More complex parts can be scanned and the files optimized until they are perfectly printable. Depending on the component, this may be much less time-consuming than you think. Or, ideally, the manufacturer will even have a 3D printable file, after all, it doesn't cost anything to ask for one.


3D printing is too expensive?


If a classic car is being repaired, then the spare part from the 3D printer is definitely worth it. Because the classic car has an emotional and cultural value. For other parts, this has to be considered depending on the situation: When the cost is calculated taking into account all factors, the production of spare parts will very often be worthwhile.

It is possible that a single additively manufactured part will be more expensive than if it had still been available in the spare parts warehouse from injection molding. However, the replacement part from 3D printing is certainly less expensive than the initial cost of the replacement. Not to mention the positive impact on resource conservation.

If you are unsure about the costs: ask. Then you will have an informed basis for decision-making.


Does 3D printing meet the high quality requirements?

Yes, this is possible without any problems. The choice of materials is enormous. At Jellypipe alone, you can get more than 100 different materials, from the simplest plastic to fiber-reinforced high-performance materials that are also used in aviation. You're sure to find what you're looking for. In addition, additive manufacturing technologies are now so advanced that even high demands on surface quality, chemical resistance and much more are met. However, don't fall for the temptation to have your component printed from the cheapest material "somewhere", but trust in suppliers who deliver quality.


Further advantages of spare parts from 3D printing

  • Short delivery times, available at any time
  • 3D printing materials are available from sustainable resources
  • Once parts have been digitized, they can be reordered at any time
  • Changes can still be made to existing files at any time


Talk to one of our local Solution Partners for advice. It is highly likely that 3D printing can also save resources in your company.

We are looking forward to your project.

Your Jellypipe Team.




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Markus Grimm
Chief Virtual Printfactory

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