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Kaomi – our new AI assistant for you

The world of 3D printing is very diverse - there are different technologies, various materials that may be suitable for an application or a component and several processing methods. Finding the best way to manufacture your component can take some time and effort in terms of information gathering and evaluation. With the new AI assistant from Jellypipe, you can significantly shorten this process.

The powerful tool provides you with almost all the important information you need for your decision-making process, simply by searching. Whether you have questions about 3D printing in general, materials, design & construction, certifications or technologies: Kaomi has the answers and provides all the knowledge in the Jellypipe ecosystem and more. 

How does Kaomi work?

Kaomi works similarly to ChatGPT - you can enter a question in a classic search field and quickly receive an answer. If the answer doesn't quite get to the heart of your question, the question can be specified in an ongoing chat. The data basis for the answers is provided by the accumulated Jellypipe knowledge and expertise of our partners. 
In short, you have access to an enormous source of information about 3D printing for optimised decision-making. 
Of course, we always keep the data up to date and maintain it in detail.

What can Kaomi do?

As the name suggests, the AI assistant developed by Jellypipe can provide our prospects and customers with extensive knowledge about 3D printing thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). Questions such as: "Which 3D printing material is oil-resistant?" Or "What is the difference between polyamide 11 and 12?" can simply be asked as a search query and you will receive a quick and comprehensive answer without having to search our blog for the right topic, for example. 
Of course, it is still worth taking a look at our blog to get a topic illuminated and explained from all sides.
As more and more queries are submitted, the tool learns, develops and can answer search queries better and more specifically.


An Example:

The tool is also available 24/7. It can therefore be used at any time, around the clock, making it a valuable addition to our customer service.

A win-win tool

Above all, we want to offer our (potential) customers real added value with the tool. Our aim was to be able to provide quick answers to important questions without first having to establish direct contact with the customer service team. Our main aim was to be able to answer simple questions quickly and thus quickly eliminate uncertainties for (potential) customers. 
Thanks to Kaomi, we are significantly improving our customer service and customer experience.
The result is a win-win situation: our service and support team is relieved and can focus on our core business and specific enquiries.

There is also a non-public area of the AI assistant that is reserved for our employees. Our partners can also ask questions in this area and receive detailed answers, e.g. on sales processes and the like, in order to optimise the sales and decision-making process for (potential) customers.

An outlook

Kaomi will be available exclusively to Jellypipe partners from December and to all customers in the corresponding partner store in January. We are constantly working on the further development of Kaomi and aim to be able to provide our prospective customers with offers directly from search queries in the future. 
We plan to integrate our online calculator with the AI assistant in the first quarter of 2024. If you then have a question about a 3D printing material, for example, you can enter a quantity in the chat and immediately receive a customised quote. The aim is for (potential) customers to be able to place an order directly in the tool. In this way, we offer you a next-level customer experience.

We look forward to your feedback on Kaomi and hope that it fulfils your requests.  
As soon as Kaomi is available, we will let you know via our social media channels. Would you like a demo in advance? Then get in touch with us!

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Do you have a specific project?

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Dominik Estermann
Chief Executive Officer

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