xCE-Black, plastic

Smooth, injection moulding-like surface, high accuracy, bending strength and temperature resistance.

DLP xCE Black 3D-Druck Bauteil



  • Tensile strength [MPa] 80
  • E-modul [Gpa] 1.62
  • Flexural strength [MPa] 135
  • Flexural modulus [Gpa] 3.25
  • Impact resistance (Izod notched) [J/m] 20
  • Heat deflection temp @0.45MPa [°C] 120
  • Elongation at break [%] 8Shore hardness 90D

Material Color



  • Automotive components
  • Series production mechanical engineering
  • Injection moulding inserts


  • High accuracy
  • High bending strength
  • High temperature resistance
  • Colour: Black

The 3D printing plastic xCE-black has a high accuracy, high bending strength and high temperature resistance. It also has a very smooth surface similar to injection moulding.

xCE-black is suitable for automotive components, parts in mechanical engineering and injection moulding applications. For series in the range of 100 to more than 1,000 pieces, xCE-black is a good choice.