RR60 white, plastic 3D print

Tough, optically neutral white, dimensionally stable resin specific for parts requiring high detail.

3D Druck - Rohrverbindung - Material Kunststoff RR60 white


Material features

  • Tensile strength: 54 MPa (ASTM D638)
  • Modulus of elasticity: 2920 MPa (ASTM D638)
  • Elongation at break: 4-6% (ASTM D638)
  • Flexural strength: 85 MPa (ASTM D790)
  • Flexural modulus: 2670 MPa (ASTM D790)
  • Impact strength: 18.6 J/m (ASTM D256)
  • Hardness: Shore 81D (ASTM D2240)
  • Heat deflection temp (at 66psi): 54 °C (ASTM D648)
  • Heat deflection temp (at 264psi): 50 °C (ASTM D648)

Material Color



For 3D printed parts that require a high level of detail


All-rounder material

EP-RR 60 WH white is a tough, optically neutral white, dimensionally stable resin with low viscosity. The all-rounder material is suitable for various parts, specifically for parts that require high attention to detail.