PA 6

3D Druck Materialien Jellypipe


Material features

  • Density [g/cm3] 1.12
  • Tensile strength [MPa] 67.6
  • E-modul [Gpa] 2.9952
  • Flexural strength [MPa] 97
  • Flexural modulus [Gpa] 1.878
  • Impact resistance (Izod notched) [J/m] 106
  • Heat deflection temp @1.81MPa [°C] 93
  • Elongation at break [%] 38


  • Ideal for functional prototypes


  • High strength (higher than PA 12)
  • Excellent sliding and wear behaviour

Polyamide (PA) 6 is an engineering plastic that stands out above all for its good mechanical properties. At the same time, PA 6 offers high strength and toughness, as well as excellent sliding and wear behaviour. These properties make this plastic a good material for robust components.