Onyx, carbon fibre reinforced plastic

3D Druck Materialien Jellypipe



  • Heat resistance at 0.45 Mpa: medium (80-150 °C)
  • Tensile strength: medium (28-75 MPa)
  • Weight: medium (1.12-1.36 g/cm3)
  • Modulus of elasticity: medium (1.7-4.8 GPa)
  • Chemical resistance
  • Wear resistant
  • Rigid/stiff/stable in shape
  • Temperature resistant
  • Weight: light (<1.11g/cm3)
  • Carbon fibre filled
  • Matt surface

Onyx is a polymaid (PA) filled with chopped carbon fibres. It is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS and can be additionally reinforced with continuous fibres (post-processing: composite materials). Onyx sets the bar for surface finish, chemical resistance and heat resistance. Medium price segment.