2.4671 Inconel 713c Nickel-cobalt alloy

Material processed with investment casting technology, for applications in the high temperature range up to 900°C.



  • Hardness= max. 414 HB
  • Re= max. 817 N/mm2
  • Rm= max. 952 N/mm2
  • A= 4.3 %
  • Density=7.85 kg/dm3
  • Machinability: heavy, high wear
  • Weldability: limited with TIG, EB welding possible


  • Automotive industry (turbochargers)
  • Engine construction (compressors, impellers)
  • Plant engineering (aggressive media)
  • Racing (valves, manifolds)

Inconel 713c has a high corrosion resistance. When heated, a thick, stable oxidation layer is formed that protects the surface. The strength of the material is maintained over a wide temperature range. The metal alloy is particularly suitable for applications exposed to high temperatures up to 900°C.

The material is processed using investment casting technology.

Suitable technologies