Heat resistant chrome nickel steel

1.4841 GX15CrNiSi 25 20 Chrome-nickel steel

Heat resistant chrome nickel steel



  • Hardness= max. 166 HB
  • Re= max. 243 N/mm2
  • Rm= max. 544 N/mm2
  • A= 45.1 %
  • Density=8 kg/dm3
  • Machinability: good-medium
  • Weldability: good
  • Chemical resistance
  • Temperature resistant


  • High temperature components in mechanical engineering
  • Apparatus engineering
  • Furnace construction

1.4841 is a heat-resistant chromium-nickel steel. It is chemically resistant up to approx. 1100°C, has medium corrosion resistance. In addition, the material has good heat resistance due to the higher content of chromium and nickel. The chromium-nickel steel has good strength and mechanical properties at high temperatures.

The material is processed using investment casting technology.

Suitable technologies