Even greater choice of materials with Jellypipe 3D printing service

New quartz sand qualities in binder jetting 3D printing

At Jellypipe, three materials are now available in Binder Jetting.

The silica sand range includes the following materials:

Quarzsand-SH-P14 Oberfläche beige mittel

Quartz sand SH-P14

Color: Beige / Sand colors

Quarzsand-SH-F01-3D-Druck Oberfläche matt schwarz

Quartz sand SH-F01

Color: matte black

Quarzsand SH-C053 3D-Druck Oberfläche beige

Quartz sand SH-C053

Color: Beige/sand colors, synthetic ceramic-based sand

Silica sand from binder jetting has high thermal resistance and high strength. In addition, very large components can be produced. The surface of the quartz sand is rough after 3D printing; if necessary, corresponding surfaces can be reworked by grinding. Therefore, the material is particularly suitable for molds and cores in foundry applications, where a high number of parts are later cast in it and only a few functional surfaces are required.


Technical properties of quartz sands:

  • Average grain size: 140 μm
  • Flexural strength: 250 - 500 N/cm2 (depending on sand/binder content).
  • Total loss on ignition: 2.0 - 2.6 wt.%.
  • Accuracy: ±0.1 %.
  • Maximum package size: 1'000 x 600 x 500 mm


Applications for 3D printing with silica sand

Suitable applications include molds and cores for foundry applications where the strength of the material offers advantages.

Quartz sand molds are used to produce the following parts, for example: Engine blocks, machine components, complex housings, components with cooling fins, large connectors, fasteners, beams, etc.

Silica sand with the additive manufacturing technology binder jetting is also excellent for design items, as the material has a noble surface.

    3D-Druck Objekt aus Quarzsand

    Black quartz sand object

    3D-Druck Kunstobjekt aus Quarzsand

    Design object

    3D-Druck Quarzsand Oberflächendetail

    Surface detail

    Engine block casting mold from silica sand


    Markus Grimm
    Chief Virtual Printfactory

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