Schiffsmodell W.D.R. Nordfriesland multicolor 3D-Druckdatei
Schiffsmodell W.D.R. Nordfriesland multicolor 3D-Druck Ansicht 2
Multi Jet Fusion allows printing in colour

Wonderful colours: Multicolour 3D printing for a ship model

With the technology Multi Jet Fusion, multicoloured models can be produced in 3D printing. These can be high-quality model making parts, anatomical models for medicine or even your own mascot as a hearty promotional gift. It is easy to include colour information when ordering from our 3D printing service. Read more about this:

A nice example is the 3D printed model of the ship W.D.R. Nordfriesland. Using a 3D print file that includes the colour information, it was possible to print a miniature model that is true to detail. A proud owner now has a beautiful exhibition model. Who wouldn't want to have their vehicle presented like this?

Schiffsmodell W.D.R. Nordfriesland multicolor 3D-Druckdatei Ansicht 2

Preview of the print file

Schiffsmodell W.D.R. Nordfriesland multicolor 3D-Druckdatei Bug

Bug of the 3D print model

Schiffsmodell W.D.R. Nordfriesland multicolor 3D-Druck

The finished 3D printed model of the ship

What is possible with multicolor 3d printing?

In the multi-colour Multi Jet Fusion process, the material polyamide 12 (CB PA12) is used. This allows both single and multi-colour printing. The mechanical properties of the material are not affected and the brilliant colours enable a wide variety of applications such as:

  • View models of company-specific vehicles, ships, excavators, etc. that you want to display.
  • A mascot as a three-dimensional, coloured promotional gift (or even a logo)
  • Special models of model building parts
  • Architectural models of planned buildings
  • Applications for medicine and medical education, for example anatomical models of vessels, bones, organs
  • etc.


Which file formats are suitable for multicolour 3D printing?

The following 3D print files will include the values and details of colours correctly to transfer it to the printer: 

  • STEP with colour information
  • 3MF with colour information
  • OBJ with colour information

If you have questions, or are not sure if the file is accurat, create an individual request, attach the file and describe your question exactly. In our 3D print stores you will immediately receive a quote with price and delivery time when you upload a file. Here you can get to our partner stores (select partner and click on link): 3D printing service


Which applications could be printed in multiple colours?

There are other applications where multicolour printing can be useful. For example, the following:

3D gedrucktes DNA-Modell für die Medizin

Medicine: Visual and training models
(Image: 3D printed DNA model)

Architects discussing 3d printed architectural model

Architektural models in colour
(Image: Model of a superstructure)


Markus Grimm
Chief Virtual Printfactory

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