13.12.2021: Jellypipe launches major update to 3D printing platform

Innovative new features: 3D print material wizard and much more

On Monday, 13 December 2021, Jellypipe will go live with an extensive update of its 3D printing platform. In addition to an innovative material wizard that facilitates selection, the platform has also been revised and redesigned in terms of user-friendliness. In addition, many new functionalities are available that make it easier for customers to place orders as well as for partners to process orders.


Jellypipe offers an online platform for ordering 3D printed components and connects companies around additive manufacturing. The platform automatically calculates prices and delivery times for the desired components based on 3D print files, and the order is placed automatically via the platform. The update provides customers und partners with various new functionalities that make ordering easier. Read more about the new features or go to a store on the platform and check it out.

Jellypipe Plattform V3 Materialassistent
Material wizard, extension of the individual request and much more

New Features for customers

Jellypipe Plattform Version V.3 Dezember 2021 Materialassistent

Material wizard makes it easy to choose

The highlight is a material wizard that simplifies the selection of the appropriate technology and the corresponding material. Customers can select the desired properties of the end product, for example: chemical resistance, impact resistance, light weight, high level of detail, etc. The material wizard delivers the right technology/material combination.

The material wizard provides the appropriate technology/material combination. With 13 different technologies and over 100 materials, this is an important aspect in obtaining the right component.

Picture right: Example of a selection in the material wizard

    Ordering process for parts of complex projects optimized

    The individual request has new features. This is now possible:

    • Details on the finishing of 3D printed components when ordering via individual enquiry.
    • Offers can contain graduated prices
    • Mapping of framework agreements

    Re-orders from the same 3d printer, collective orders and watchlists

    Another new functionality is the optimisation of re-orders. Customers can re-order jobs that have already been ordered and receive the end products from the same printer from the Print Factory if required. This guarantees consistent quality and is an important functionality for series components. The following functions are available:

    • Receive parts in identical quality from the same 3D printer
    • Watch list with so-called online calculators for simplified re-ordering
    • Factory-code to receive each part in a shopping cart from the corresponding supplier
    • Collective orders, i.e. requesting parts from different print partners in one order



    More detailed information and new design

    The design and information have also been revised:

    • More detailed information on materials and technologies
    • Design optimised for user-friendliness

    Picture on the right: the start page, which is adapted to the colours of the Solution Partner for each store.

    Simplified processes and communication

    New features for partners

    Jellypipe works with a multi-level distribution system. The functionalities for so-called "Solution Partners", who offer 3D printing to their customers via Store on the Jellypipe platform, have also been revised and expanded.

    Jellypipe Plattform V3 Beispiel individuelle Anfrage

    Simplified communication channels and processes

    The process of the individual request has been completely revised:

    • Review of offers by the Jellypipe engineering team (support) for quailty assurance.
    • Scale prices and framework agreements can be mapped
    • Solution Partners can create requests on behalf of clients
    • Furthermore, the communication channels have been simplified and additional options for the control of credit limits for payment on account have been introduced.

    Picture right: the individual enquiry from the customer's point of view 

    Public API interface

    The new platform version also has a Public API interface to offer and facilitate integration with ERP systems and other software solution

    Select partner, register in the shop and discover the features

    Test the new platform now

    Try out the new features and have a look around the platform. Select a partner with the following link and go to the shop. The choice of partner has no influence on the available features or selection of materials and technologies.

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