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Jellypipe is your reliable partner for online 3D printing services. But what exactly does that actually mean and what advantages does this partnership bring to you as a solution partner? To give you more insight, we have spoken an interview with our valued partner Daniel Lienammer, Managing Director of Amsler & Frey AG. As a professional and future-oriented Swiss partner for technical plastic parts, additive manufacturing is also becoming an increasingly relevant topic for them.

Amsler & Frey AG

First of all, we are interested in how did you become aware of Jellypipe and what made you decide to become a Solution Partner?

Daniel Lienammer:

We have been looking at expanding our production capabilities and considering the use of 3D printers for some time. Several times we were on the verge of setting up our own 3D printers and taking production in-house. However, we quickly realized that we lacked the necessary breadth and variety to meet the increasing demands of our customers.

At just the right time, Jellypipe stepped into the picture. In 2018, we were contacted by Jellypipe, and it turned out that this partnership was exactly what we were looking for. The opportunity to work with Jellypipe as a Solution Partner and have access to a wide variety of materials and technologies was exactly the combination we needed.

We realized that with Jellypipe, we had the chance to expand our production capabilities in a way that we could not have done on our own. The platform already offers a wide range of 3D printing options, so we no longer had to worry about building our own production capabilities.


What benefits do you see in working with Jellypipe and how has this partnership impacted your business?

Daniel Lienammer:

Working with Jellypipe has strengthened our company in many ways. As mentioned earlier, from the very beginning, thanks to Jellypipe, we had access to a variety of materials and technologies that enabled us to offer our customers a wide range of 3D printing solutions.

Jellypipe's extensive know-how is a decisive advantage for us, especially at the beginning, when we ourselves did not have so much in-house knowledge about this increasingly important field of activity. This allowed us to avoid additional investments not only in production and infrastructure, but also in the area of training. Jellypipe is always up to date, we can rely on this and thus also further develop our company. This also means that we can win new customers in our traditional business area, because 3D printing is an ideal entry point for acquiring new customers.


Keyword clientele - Can you tell us about a specific project in which you used the Jellypipe platform? What were the potential challenges and how did Jellypipe help you?

Daniel Lienammer:

We had a request from a customer some time ago, for the production of a conventionally manufactured product that was supposed to be milled. However, when we submitted our offer, we found that we could not compete, as the project would have been too expensive.

Thanks to the collaboration with Jellypipe and the know-how it gave us, we came up with the idea of proposing a different approach, namely a hybrid approach: Manufacture the blank additively and then perform post-processing by machining to ensure accuracy.

This proposal was very positively received by the customer. We were able to prepare a more favorable quotation and were significantly more cost-efficient than our competitors in conventional manufacturing. In addition, we were able to save a lot of weight and volume by using this method. This resulted in the customer being able to install smaller engines as the overall mass of the product was reduced.

This successful project significantly strengthened customer loyalty, as the customer was extremely satisfied with the efficient manufacturing method. So Jellypipe has helped us to develop our own expertise in 3D printing as well, enabling us to offer innovative solutions that provide real added value to our customers.


Has Jellypipe also been able to help you attract new customers and grow your business?

Daniel Lienammer:

Working with Jellypipe has basically helped us expand our 3D printing offering. Additive manufacturing is an extremely interesting topic that attracts a lot of interest from our customers. Thanks to the partnership with Jellypipe, we can act with the necessary know-how and the corresponding support, which is also very beneficial for us in new acquisitions.

The platform also allows us to ensure reliable delivery performance while offering competitive pricing. This combination has put us in a strong and competitive position, which has helped us win new customers and successfully expand our business.


How would you rate the quality of Jellypipe's printed components and the reliability of its print partners?

Daniel Lienammer:

We look at Jellypipe as a whole, and generally have no direct contact with the print partners, but we can say with full conviction that the quality of the printed components is very high. Reproducibility is particularly important to us, and here our expectations have been more than met. Components produced once are always of the same excellent quality, even with repeated orders.

If errors should nevertheless occur (which can happen anywhere), we appreciate the quick and uncomplicated rectification by Jellypipe. The way any problems are handled is also a quality feature for us.

Of course, reliability is also of great importance to us. In our cooperation with Jellypipe we can rely on punctual deliveries. The agreed deadlines are met, and the short delivery times enable us to complete our projects efficiently and smoothly.


What role does Jellypipe's customer support and help center play for you in the collaboration, and how does the engineering team help you with technical questions?

Daniel Lienammer:

Jellypipe's customer support and help center played a particularly important role at the beginning of our collaboration. Since we initially needed more know-how in the area of 3D printing, we were able to build up our own knowledge here and we were regularly provided with valuable information and advice.

Particularly in complex cases, the engineering team at Jellypipe is on hand to help us work out optimum solutions together. Communication with the experts is fast and straightforward, both online and by phone. As a result, we quickly receive the necessary answers to technical questions and can thus always offer our customers the best possible advice.

Although we now have solid expertise in 3D printing, we still use the Helpcenter regularly. There are always new questions or special concerns that Jellypipe's customer support helps us with. The ongoing support from the team is of great importance to us and plays a significant role in enabling us to offer our customers innovative and customized solutions.


How have you benefited from the training, technical videos and marketing materials in the Jellypipe Academy?

Daniel Lienammer:

We also use these offerings again and again, as they contribute greatly to our internal knowledge building. The practical content keeps us up to date with the latest technology and supports us in advising customers. We are made aware of updates in a timely manner, so that we can continually expand our expertise and make direct use of the latest material.


How would you rate the integration of the Jellypipe platform on your website and how has it impacted your operations? Do you use any other integration possibilities of Jellypipe with your existing systems (ERP, accounting, etc.)?

Daniel Lienammer:

Although we cannot directly integrate the Jellypipe platform into our ERP system or accounting, we have successfully implemented an integration into our website. The support from Jellypipe has been excellent in this process, and both our customers and our team have quickly found their way around and have a good understanding of how the platform works.


What would you tell other companies thinking about becoming a Jellypipe solution partner?

Daniel Lienammer:

For companies that are considering it, we can highly recommend the collaboration. It's a great way to enter the world of 3D printing and open up new business areas.

However, it is important to stress that partnering with Jellypipe is not a no-brainer. It requires commitment and dedication on the part of the company to be successful. The topic of 3D printing should be approached seriously and treated with focus.

Jellypipe's support in this process is exemplary. Whether one has previous 3D printing experience or not, the team at Jellypipe provides excellent guidance and onboarding support.

However, it's not a project you do on the side. Working with Jellypipe opens up exciting opportunities, but also requires active engagement and collaborative work to realize its full potential.

Overall, the partnership with Jellypipe offers a rewarding opportunity to break new ground and benefit from the many advantages of 3D printing. It's a decision that needs to be well thought out, but with the right attitude and support, you can be successful with it and grow your business.


Thank you very much for your comments! Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers about your experience with Jellypipe and the Solution Partner Program?

Daniel Lienammer:

From our perspective, we would like to emphasize that additive manufacturing is an increasingly important business area and is developing rapidly. The technologies, machines and materials are constantly evolving, and we see 3D printing becoming more and more relevant both for us as a company and for our customers.

We are excited to build and develop this business area together with Jellypipe. Working together allows us to stay on the cutting edge of technology and offer the best solutions to our customers. We enjoy responding to our customers' individual needs and having the latest materials and technologies available with Jellypipe.

Partnering with Jellypipe has proven to be an ideal solution for us. Instead of setting up our own production, which could not offer the same scope and variety, with Jellypipe we get a unique and comprehensive service that we cannot find anywhere else.

In short, we are very happy with our partnership with Jellypipe and value the collaboration very much. It is the ideal partner for us to be successful in the field of 3D printing and to continuously expand our expertise.


Thank you very much for this nice conversation and we are very happy about the positive feedback.

As Jellypipe, we are proud to be able to offer our partners comprehensive know-how, a wide variety of materials and technologies, as well as extensive support.


The success story of our solution partner Amsler & Frey AG impressively demonstrates how additive manufacturing is becoming increasingly important. As Europe's largest 3D printing factory, we support companies like them in expanding their businesses and offering innovative solutions.


If you too are interested in becoming a Solution Partner, don't hesitate and discover the wide range of opportunities Jellypipe can offer you.

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