EU 10-2011 and FDA certifications

New: PA11 blue, 3D printing material with approval for the food industry


Material specially designed for use in the food industry.

3D-Druck Bauteil SLS PA11 blau durchgefärbt

From now on the material PA11 Blue, dyed through, is available at Jellypipe. The material made from renewable raw materials is completely dyed through in the color blue and has the approval EU 10-2011 and FDA for food. Thanks to the through-dyed powder in blue, the material meets additional requirements for use in the food industry.

If required, components made of the PA11 blue can be processed with the post-processing method chemical smoothing to obtain a very high surface quality. With this finishing method, components with a surface roughness of up to Ra0.8 are possible.

All technical specifications can be found here:


Markus Grimm
Chief Virtual Printfactory