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Do you want to set up a 3D online business? It’s easy and fast.


How to Set Up Your 3D Online Business Quickly and Easily. Even If You’re a Complete Newbie.

3D printing is about to become a 10 trillion dollar industry. As a 3D reseller – do you know how you’re going to take advantage of this? Do you have an idea? Are your competitors slowly taking the lead?

Introducing Jellypipe. The global marketplace that connects 3D print factories, end clients and resellers via a secure online ecosystem.

If you’re thinking of setting up shop as a reseller or you have an existing business and you’re ready to make much more out of it, Jellypipe offers all the tools and help you need.

From beautiful online shops and powerful marketing tools, to the back office nuts and bolts you need to run a profitable 3D business.

Even if you’re not quite sure what your business idea is just yet, Jellypipe can help. We’ll take the hassle out of setting up a business so you can focus on finding clients and making money. Fast!

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What our Clients say?

My 3D printing equipment get’s much more mileage thanks to Jellypipe.


What our Clients say?

I had no idea how easy it would be to start my own online 3D business with Jellypipe.