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How to Fill the Order Book of Your Print Factory With High Paying Customers. Now.

Are you sick of staring at that expensive 3D printing equipment while it just sits there idle? Worried about your investment depreciating its way towards obsolecence before it even pays for itself?

What if we told you that your same equipment could be earning you money 24/7, in the dark?

Introducing Jellypipe the secure online platform that connects 3D print factories like yours to a huge new secure ecosystem of end-clients, partners and resellers.

With Jellypipe you’ll be able to connect with new clients quickly and easily. You’ll find hidden cash in your business that you never knew you had. Cash you can use to pay expenses and reinvest in your company. To grow and enjoy freedom.

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What our Clients say?

"I had no idea how easy it would be to start my own online 3D business with Jellypipe."


What our Clients say?

"My 3D printing equipment get’s much more mileage thanks to Jellypipe."