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How to Find the Perfect Partner to Print Your Exact Designs and Get them to Your Door 24/7

3D printing is turning all of us into designers, makers, and manufacturers. Very soon our kids won’t have to wait for Amazon to deliver that new Lego set.

Our suppliers won’t have to stock warehouses full of spare parts. And you won’t have to wait weeks or months to realise your designs.

Almost everything is available on demand, from the cloud, today. And whether you’re looking for a prototype for a new crowdfunding campaign or someone to build your new house, Jellypipe can help you find the perfect partner and help you get your designs shipped fast.

Jellypipe takes the hard work and the uncertainty out of finding and doing business with firms you don’t know yet.

Source new designs online or upload your own to Jellypipe in a few seconds. We’ll take your requirements and match you with the best partners within the fast growing Jellypipe 3D ecosystem. Plus - next day shipment gets you closer to your dreams, fast.

Getting your ideas realised via Jellypipe is fast and easy. Get started with a free account in minutes and we’ll show you how.

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