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3D Printing - The World’s Biggest Business Opportunity Since the Invention of the Micro Chip.


Excited about the trillion dollar opportunity in 3D printing but don't know where to start? We'll have you up and running in minutes.

Have you ever had an exciting idea for a new business or a new product line and then binned it shortly afterwards? According to research 98 out of 100 businesses never get started because people put most of their ideas in the “too hard” basket before researching them properly. Often before they’ve even told anyone. 98% of aspiring entrepreneurs’ hopes and dreams end in frustration and resignation. That’s kind of a lot.

Granted, not every new business idea is a winner. And many of the businesses that DO actually get started each year and then fail anyway, should arguably never have been launched in the first place. For all kinds of reasons.

But there are no doubt at least as many businesses just like yours that have huge potential - if only you could get over the initial obstacles.

In our experience we’ve found there are three disproportionately common reasons people abandon their big ideas. And they’re all avoidable:

  1. Founders think they need business relationships they don’t have yet.
  2. Founders feel their business model makes no sense simply because they don’t know how much to charge (this one is easy to fix!).
  3. Founders are so busy with their current daily business that 1. and 2. just seem overwhelming.

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Here’s a not so secret pro tip: starting ANYTHING new is hard

If you’re starting a new business and you want to do it properly, that process requires you to challenge your assumptions and look at the world in a different way. That’s what entrepreneurs do. But that can be pretty intimidating for most of us because it involves confronting an uncertain amount of risk and, inherently, fear.

And it’s precisely that fear that causes most would be founders to abandon their big ideas. If you see establishing some new relationships as key to the success of a new venture for example, and you’re not sure how you can get those relationships (or you’re not even sure where to start!) then you’ll begin to retreat from your original idea regardless of how promising it might be. It's a totally natural response and most of us do this without thinking.

Yet with a big new market like 3D printing almost NOBODY feels super confident promoting themselves as experts because they’re not (yet.) It’s new. It’s all new.

Think about it though. When you look at the situation from the right perspective this kind of market fragmentation is an opportunity. It’s not a weakness. There's margin in mystery! The uncertainty and fear only becomes more real when people start looking at the economics of their business. That’s ultimately where the rubber meets the road.

"Our clients don’t want this."

"This market is too small."

"We’ll never make money from this."

These would be valid concerns but for entrepreneurs’ early ideas they’re premature and usually way off reality anyway. More often than not it’s because people have crazy ass notions of how to ‘do marketing’ that leave them with similarly crazy ass expectations - whether that’s how to promote and distribute their products or how much they can charge. With the wrong assumptions it’s easy to paint the wrong picture in your head of how things will turn out, and if that picture is bad then you’ll quit.

Is that big idea really too big? Or do you just need help?

Russell Conwell tells a classic story about a man in California who in 1847 owned a ranch there. He’d heard that gold had been discovered in Southern California so he sold his ranch to a guy named Colonel Sutter and then started off to hunt for gold.

Now of course Colonel Sutter put a mill on the stream on his farm and one day his little girl brought in a handful of shiny wet sand, and she put it up on the mantel to dry. And as the sand was falling through her fingers some visitors said “Hey look! There’s something sparkling in there!”

It was gold. As a matter of fact it was the first real gold that was discovered in California. So the man who sold the farm who wanted the gold had gone away never to return. And of course Colonel Sutter goes down in history.

More often than not we’re much closer to success than we think and looking that little bit closer at what you already have, and looking harder for solutions to problems will yield true breakthroughs for your business and your life. What would it take to turn YOUR big idea into reality? What's stopping you breaking through to a new level with your existing business?

What if you could just cut through these non-issues and have your business running the way you want? Wouldn’t that put you in a place with much more space and freedom to expand?

3D printing technology has not only redefined what’s possible with additive manufacturing techniques, it’s about to define a whole new industry with opportunities for generational fortunes to be made. We're obsessed with enabling this. That’s why we built Jellypipe.

Jellypipe is a secure online ecosystem for the 3D printing industry that removes the obstacles to starting your new 3D printing business. If you run a print factory then joining the Jellypipe community will connect you with a vastly growing global market for your products and services. Finding new clients or worrying about underutilized 3D printing equipment will be things of the past.

If you’re a distributor we'll help you find clients looking for YOU and give you the platform you need to start doing business with them. You’ll breeze through the hard work and frustration involved in setting up a new business because we’ve already done it for you.



Here’s what you'll get once you join:

  • Access to an online marketplace where you can find the products you’re searching for at the right price, and then get them delivered fast.
  • New business relationships with producers and distributors with “near zero” onboarding overhead.
  • Beautiful web shops, templates and tools that will make your products stand out vs your competition no matter what business you’re in.
  • Easy to follow marketing strategies with actionable to-do lists to help establish your reputation as an expert from day one.
  • Done for you price discovery algorithms that help you stay competitive while optimizing your margins - even if you’ve got no clue how much to charge for your products!
  • A turn-key set up for your complete front-to-back order processing including order capture, billing and fulfillment. And if you’ve already got an existing system you can integrate with the Jellypipe API.

We’ve put our entire knowledge-base into a single platform for you so, most importantly, when you decide to take the leap, you’ll end up with a business with a far greater chance of success than if you had to go it alone.


Joining up is easy! And the benefits are instant.

For cheaper than the price of a single business dinner and considerably less time, you’ll get access to a whole community of potential new suppliers AND clients.

OK, to be fair, we have no clue how much money or time you spend on business dinners but you can see our point: Jellypipe’s community features alone will free up valuable time and cash so you can focus on the rest of your business. We’re confident the Jellypipe system is excellent value and we’re sure you’ll think so too.

And once you’ve joined up you won’t be alone. Inside you’ll find loads of ready to use tools and tips to help you focus on your marketing your business. Already done for you price lists that help you decide how much to charge. And of course everything you need to take care of orders and get your stuff done and delivered!

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3D printing is not new. In fact the core technology has been around for 30 years. But it’s coming online NOW and it’s about to disrupt a 10 Trillion Dollar industry.

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